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Oh Stacy, E's getting so big...can you believe Kindergarten? Wow!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your flower vase for the teacher, it looks fantastic!


The vase is brilliant and lucky me we don't start school till Tuesday so I can do it myself!
I hope E's kindergarten is only half-days so that you can ease your way into having a school kid.


So fun! She looks so cute in that new dress! Can't wait to hear all about it! :) Love you guys!


Wow! It is amazing how fast they grow. She is a darling girl--I love the flower vase idea. So cute.


This is right out of MSL or Cookie or Real Simple. Your art direction is perfect!! E is the prettiest thing ever. The flowers and vase are rbs (that's Eva and Gretchie's term which stands for "rockin' baby style", and there is no higher compliment.)

Amy B.

I can't believe she started school, seems like just yesterday she was a sunbeam. I love her hair cut it makes her look so grown up. The vase is awesome too!


Oh Stacy, both your sweet daughter and the pencil vase are the cutest things ever!!! What a brilliant idea for a teacher gift, I've got to do that some time!

Kristi sent my daughter 3 (yes 3) Olive Juice dresses today including the gorgeous one your daughter is wearing...I'm giddy!


What a fabulous idea! Thank you for sharing!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Okay that was genius. I loved that idea. I want one:)

Janmary, N Ireland

Inspired by your post, I have just made my own versions for our teachers here in N Ireland - they are on my blog.

Thanks for the inspiration.


I absolutely LOVE the pencil vase! I featured it on my blog at ascrapoftime.blogspot.com

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