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Oh my goodness, this makes me SO happy! I have the biggest and dorkiest smile on my face right now! I am SO excited you are posting again! I LOVE your lego family...adorable! And I really can't wait to read all your "boring" details :) MISS YOU!


HURRAY!!! What's it been 2 years??!! Bawhahahaha! That's the Stacy I know and LOVE!

Heather Taylor

Yipee! I am super excited to hear and see more!


I love boring details and I love your Lego family.


Omigosh! I absolutely love the new header and I am sooooo excited for your next post!!


Hello. I miss you and maybe drove by your house today for no reason. It was sad and I wanted to get out and have it be like old times! :( I can't wait until you update cause I miss seeing you guys all the time. Love ya!!!


p.s. That lego guy seriously looks exactly like mark.


And we're waaaaaaaaaiting... Come on, girl! What else could you possible have to do?! Ok, this week you have an excuse, I suppose. But get home and get on it! I need my Stacy fix. Miss you something fierce!

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